Open Mike

from by Mike Dreams



Produced by Shuggz


But still it feels like …

I’m always
Catching up with myself
The things we lost in the fire
That I left on the shelf
But still
Much is required
So that pressure is felt
But self care is imperative
When you pressing for wealth
Man, stop your comparisons
Y’all be stressing for help
But trying to compare with him
Just gon’ mess with yourself
I’ve seen it all
More than I care to reveal
I’m always sure to clear air for the real
That's why I'm aiming at they grill
Man, 'cuz this how I feel
Nobody being sincere
We need some changes for real
We in that same old place
Still hating in them same old ways
Like it’s ‘07 MySpace days
Like we still rocking tall tees with the stickers
Like we ain’t make plays
Or glo’d up in some major ways
They’d rather sit on social media
With things to say
That never lead to pay
Mama still say
We need to pray, hey
You know I am, Mama
Yeah. you know that I am, Mama
I’m still your little boy
But to them, I’m da man, Mama
I love my fans, but I do this for the fam
I got angels all around me
Just give the rapper a chance
Now the only thing left to do
Is stretch these bands
They can either
Bless these hands
Or catch these hands
Suicidal Thoughts
Almost made me X my plans
But I ain’t Ready To Die
Give me One More Chance
Life after death
It was all a dream for the revenue
Here’s a free gem
A diamond you may have never knew
You can take a few losses
And still never lose
Cuz when you put two L’s together
That's a W
It's all perspective in the end, though
I’m learning to be selective with my friends, though
‘Cuz they direction just might be a dead end
Once you choose to end that chapter
That’s where your story begins
My glory is far from over
Life is better when I’m sober
Was dropping 4’s in the soda
And wishing on 4 leaf clovers
And living all of my moments
Through reactions and reposting
Of emotions I was spilling
When off the pills and potions
My swimming pools turn to oceans
I just had to get refocused
Sorry, I ain't self destruct like you was hoping
This music is like magic
So I’m flowing hocus pocus
Life is like an Open Mic
So this is Mike being open
Y’all be joking
With ya cold Henny drinking
And parole violations
Got ‘you thinkin’ you some gangstas
I ain’t even got the patience
To patronize all you wastemen
I’m getting back to the basics
I’m looking at all your faces
I can tell the you complacent
You hiding behind a mask
Every thing that you been faced with
You Jim Carrey and Jason
We can always tell who faking
Take the mask off
See what the future holds
When I was young
I trying to be the Future Hov
That was past me
Now my present showing me
All my future goals
Here's some last words you should know
I'm not perfect, but I'm worth it
And my soul cannot be purchased
And I'm much more than you see upon the surface
Still searching for the better me


from YOUNG VET, released February 1, 2019
M. Hannah, D. Young


all rights reserved



Mike Dreams Minneapolis

Mike Dreams, born Michael Alexander Hannah, is an American Hip-Hop Artist & Songwriter, from Minneapolis, MN.
Since 2007, Dreams has released music independently. Mike Dreams was featured on the STARZ Network Hit Television series, “POWER”, executive produced by 50 Cent, NBA on TNT and MTV's "Siesta Key" and "Jersey Shore".
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